The congress themes and subthemes are:

Managing deltas

  • wetland protection and shore restoration
  • impacts of urbanization and land reclamation
  • saline and freshwater interactions
  • adaptive delta management


  • eco-hydraulics and eco-hydrology
  • impacts of pollutants on the water environment
  • rehabilitation of water systems
  • renewable energy resources

Sediment management and morphodynamics

  • sediment transport mechanisms and modelling
  • morphodynamics of estuaries and coastal areas
  • river morphodynamics
  • basin-wide sediment management

Water engineering

  • river and coastal engineering
  • experimental facilities and instrumentation
  • hydraulic machinery and industrial flows
  • computational methods

Flood risk management and adaptation 

  • flooding along rivers and coasts
  • flood risk assessment
  • adaptation measures
  • early warning systems

Water resources and hydroinformatics 

  • catchment hydrology
  • surface and subsurface flow interactions
  • management support systems and serious gaming
  • the water-food-energy nexus

Extreme events, natural variability and climate change

  • hydrological extremes: floods and droughts
  • flood resilient cities and infrastructures
  • interaction society and water systems
  • learning from disasters

IAHR/COPRI Symposium on Long Waves and Relevant Extremes