Assessment to the sediment characteristics induced by the river water depth at Bengawan solo River.

Ria Asih Aryani Soemitro

Friday 3 july 2015

11:00 - 11:15h at Mississippi (level 1)

Themes: (T) Sediment management and morphodynamics, (ST) Sediment transport mechanisms and modelling

Parallel session: 15B. Sediment - Transport

The river morphology is one of the important factors of the river characteristics’ change especially in the alluvial river. The river characteristics (current velocity, water depth) may affect the characteristics of the sediment loads. Hence, the sediment load at every points of the river depth may give the different quantities of the sediment load, depend on the current velocity and the flow discharge. The sediment load were taken from Kanor village-Bengawan Solo river during the dry and monsoon season to better understand the differences of the sediment conditions on every climate condition. The sediment load samples were taken by bottle sampler at three points of each different river depth. The first point is at the 0.20 of river depth to represent the sediment conditions at the surface water. The second point is at the 0.60 of river depth correspond to the sediment quantity at the middle of river depth. The third point is at the 0.80 of river depth stands for the sediment characteristic around the river bed. The river water currents were measured by current meter magnetic at three points of each different river depth respectively. This proposed paper is meant to investigate the differences between the quantity of sediment load at each different points of water depth on the dry and monsoon seasons. The research results are the sediment load concentrations affected by the river characteristics. It is indicated that the sediment load concentrations around the surface level is relatively lower than the level below. This phenomenon is thought to be due that the sediment load settling process resulted in the higher sediment load accumulation in the lower level of the river depth. Keywords: sediment load, river depth, river water current, dry and monsoon season, Bengawan Solo River