Development of flow equation for hyperbolically shaped sharp crested weirs

Navneet Singh, Sanjay Yadav, Jigar Gamit

Tuesday 30 june 2015

8:45 - 9:00h at Africa (level 0)

Themes: (T) Water engineering, (ST) Experimental facilities and instrumentation

Parallel session: 4F. Engineering - Instrumentation

Literature about sharp crested weirs of different shapes such as triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal is common. Some literature on circular, parabolic and elliptical shapes also exists, but to the best of knowledge of the authors the hyperbolic shape does not find any mention in existing literatures. Experiments are performed in an open channel under uniform steady flow conditions to generate basic head discharge data for three hyperbolically shaped sharp crested weirs of varying flatness having eccentricities 1.1, 1.15 and 1.2 respectively. The expression for discharge obtained by integrating the discharge through infinitesimal small arbitrary strip of the section contains complicated elliptical integrals. A multivariate regression analysis is therefore performed, relating relevant dependent and independent parameters; to develop the flow equation. The importance of different dependent parameters is examined. The computed result obtained by use of the developed flow equation fits well to the experimental data giving a coefficient of correlation equal to 0.97