Modeling bedload transportation along the same and opposite banks of meanders

Li He, Shiyan Zhang, Yafei Jia, Yaoxin Zhang

Tuesday 30 june 2015

14:05 - 14:20h at Oceania (level 0)

Themes: (T) Sediment management and morphodynamics, (ST) River morphodynamics

Parallel session: 6B. Sediment - River

Field observation and flume experiments indicate that bedload in meanders transports along the same bank and/or towards the opposite bank. However, quantitative study is absent in previous literature. The authors simulate the transport of flow and bedload in a 110°sine-generated laboratorial meandering flume by applying a two-dimensional depth-averaged, unsteady, flow and sediment transport model, i.e. CCHE2D. Calculated results indicate two scouring areas during the process of bed deformation, i.e. foreside of point bars and near concave banks. Sediment eroded from the two areas mainly transport along the same channel bank rather than crossing the channel centerline and moving towards the opposite bank in the early stage of bed deformation. However, after the topography being built, the main flow will gradually converge towards concave banks. Meanwhile, moving particles are constrained within the belt of “concave bank – crossing bars - concave bank”.