River Restoration in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia A Case Study of Ciliwung River.

Sur Suryadi, Maria Kurniawati, Mohammad Shah Ab Razak, Fernandus Maruddin Marpaung, Budi Kurniawan

Friday 3 july 2015

11:45 - 12:00h at Oceania (level 0)

Themes: (T) Managing deltas, (ST) Impacts of urbanization and land reclamation

Parallel session: 15K. Managing deltas - Impacts

In the last three decades the rapid economic development of Indonesia and the growing population required excessive conversions of agricultural land and land reclamation mainly for industrial and urban development. Expansion of large cities takes place at a very high speed, especially Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya. In these large cities, all the main drainage systems receive excessive uncontrolled drainage water including solid waste from catchment areas. As a consequence the water quality of the main drainage systems is poor and this may affect human health and unpleasant views of the surrounding area. The main problems of the drainage systems in Jakarta area can be defined as: • Poor water quality and excessive solid waste in the urban drainage systems; • Uncontrolled pollutant discharges, mainly from small industry and housing areas; • Flood and inundation problems in urban lowland areas during rainy season. One of the options to improve the water quality in the main drainage systems is by flushing. This option is complicated and influenced by many aspects. A participation of different stake holders and institutions will be very important. This research focuses on the improvement of water quality in the main drainage systems in Jakarta. The research work starts with the field survey and data collection which covers the following aspects: • Source of pollutants which discharge into the system; • Potential and actual discharges from upstream of the system; • Geometry of the system; • Solid waste management in the area; • Tidal fluctuation at the downstream of the system. By considering the objective of the research (to find out a proper option to improve the main drainage water quality), several scenarios are derived and evaluated in term of hydraulic performances. To support this research, a mathematical model is used. A case study of Ciliwung River system is selected. A pilot scheme with more detail and systematic research plan related to Ciliwung River is proposed after discussion and consultation with DKI Jakarta as the most important stakeholder. The pilot project will consider segment by segment of the Ciliwung River and will start from the most upstream segment in Jakarta area. This research will support directly the 'Clean River Programme of Indonesia' where Ciliwung River is one of the rivers which has to be restored.