A Study on Attraction Efficiency of Natural-like Fishway in Nakdong River. Korea

Young Hun Ku, Jeong Min Lee, Kyong Oh Baek, Young Do Kim

Friday 3 july 2015

12:51 - 12:54h at Oceania (level 0)

Themes: (T) Hydro-environment, (ST) Ecohydraulics and ecohydrology, Poster pitches

Parallel session: Poster pitches: 15K. Deltas - Wetland

For continued construction, such as weir and multi-functional dam for water resource utilization of recent, characteristic change of river overall have been brought. As a result, I have brought a change in the ecosystem that is formed on top of the existing. Especially, The government has set the eight weirs through the 'four-river refurbishment project'. Multi-functional weir was installed the fishway, respectively. By the hydraulic structure of the river like this, to induce changes in congestion with the movement of the fish that live in rivers, genetic discontinuity, such as changes in habitat, a variety of problems. In particular, serious problems for migratory fish that you want to move upstream along the flow path of the river to spawn in a particular time, to move downstream. Has been installed the fishway on the hydraulic structure in order to solve this problem. And also even because size is larger than the beam that was installed in the river typical multi-function display, studies on what can be built on a large scale, the fish is attracted well is required . In this study, Discharge change on attracted efficiency of Natural-like bypass fishway were analyzed.