Climate Change Is Also Caused By Lava / Magma

Kaumil Haresh Parghi

Wednesday 1 july 2015

12:42 - 12:45h at North America (level 0)

Themes: (T) Extreme events, natural variability and climate change, (ST) Hydrological extremes: floods and droughts, Poster pitches

Parallel session: Poster pitches: 9I. Extreme - Flood Drought

When we pump out large amounts of fuel/gasoline/petrol, or water from the ground, or dig up large amounts of fuel/coal/nuclear materials, minerals, or sand from the ground, over a very long period of time, it causes a lift up of weight from one concentrated location and distributes it evenly or unevenly over a large area, near and away from the source. Over a large period of time, the total weight moved from concentrated points to even distribution, adds up to a very large amount of weight. Beneath the earth’s crust is lava / magma that is constantly under tremendous amount of force and pushing upwards toward the earth’s surface. So, the uneven lifting of weights from different areas on the earth caused by the constant pumping out of fuels, water, minerals, sand, resources, etc., over a large period of time, causes the lava / magma to lift up higher towards the earth’s crust. When lava / magma, which is extremely hot, lifts up higher towards the earth’s crust, it heats up the earth’s crust more than it normally would, had it not lifted up higher. The lava / magma that rises higher, heats up the land above, and if there is water above, it heats up the water, and if there is ice above, like at the polar ice caps, it melts the ice – thereby causing global warming and climate change. Thus, in addition to the ‘greenhouse’ gases like carbon dioxide that are produced by burning of fossil fuel, it is also the lava / magma beneath the ground that rises up due to pumping/digging out of fuels and anything from the ground, that causes global warming and climate change. Keywords: Lava, Crust, Fuels, Pumping, Climate Copyright © 2011, 2015 Kaumil H. Parghi

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