Astarte an fp7 initiative on tsunamis

Maria Ana Baptista, Ahmet C Yalciner, Miquel Canals, Nilay Dogulu

Chair(s): dr. Ciavola

Tuesday 30 june 2015

9:30 - 9:45h at Central America (level 0)

Themes: (T) Special session, (ST) Coasts at threat in Europe

Parallel session: 4H. Special Session: Coasts at Threat in Europe

The North East Atlantic, Mediterranean and Adjacent Seas region is known to be exposed to tsunamis and, like other regions of the world, faces increasing levels of risk due to continuous development of coastal areas with critical infrastructure and accumulated values, and ii) year-round presence of millions of tourists. ASTARTE (Assessment STrategy And Risk Reduction for Tsunamis in Europe), is a 36-month FP7 project that aims to develop a comprehensive strategy to assess and mitigate tsunami impact and develop guidelines for structural and societal resilience in the North East Atlantic, and Mediterranean (NEAM) region including adjacent seas. In this direction, improvement in preparedness of coastal populations and, ultimately, to help saving lives and asset take place in the ultimate goals of ASTARTE.The main objectives are: Assessing long term recurrence of tsunamis; (ii) Improving the identification of tsunami generation mechanisms; (iii) Developing new computational tools for hazard assessment; (iv) Ameliorate the understanding of tsunami interactions with coastal structures; (v) Enhance tsunami detection capabilities, forecast and early warning skills in the NEAM region; (vi) Establishing new approaches to quantify vulnerability and risk and to identify the key components of tsunami resilience and their implementation in the NEAM region.ASTARTE methodology comprises ten work packages (WPs). Following WP1, which is devoted to Project coordination and management, WPs 2-5 focus on tsunami recurrence, generation mechanisms, modeling and coastal impacts. WPs 6-8 focus on detection and communication infrastructures, early warning and forecast and risk assessment. These WPs open into WP9, which aims at building tsunami resilient societies in Europe. Finally WP10 is devoted to the dissemination and exploitation of results of the project. ASTARTE consortium includes 22 institutions of the NEAM region and 2 institutions from Japan and 2 institutions from United States.