Dutch results of Pro-Tide a NWE-Interreg project on Developing, Testing and Promoting Tidal Energy in coastal and estuarine zone.

Leo van der Klip, Jacob van Berkel, Ivo Pothof

Tuesday 30 june 2015

8:30 - 8:45h at Antarctica (level 0)

Themes: (T) Special session, (ST) Marine renewable energy

Parallel session: 4D. Special session: Marine Renewable Energy

Pro-Tide's mission is to Develop, Test and Promote Tidal Energy in coastal and estuarine zone. Within the wide spectrum of Tidal Power applications, the Dutch project is specifically targeted at Low Head Tidal and River Hydropower, for conditions as found in the Brouwersdam project (typically 1 meter head, thousands of m3/s), and also in Delta rivers. In addition to the challenge how to join forces between Public and Private Partners, (PPP), the Dutch project specifically focuses on searching, finding and selecting the Best Available Technique, tests and demonstration this technology. The Best Available Technique is identified by a independent, purpose targeted and independent R&D-advisory board, using a Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA). The first step involves a worldwide technology scan, condensed in factsheets, covering 10 categories and providing a comprehensive overview of available techniques. The subsequent MCA utilizes selection criteria, ranging from Levelized Costs of Energy (LCoE) and Fish Friendliness both with 0.3 weighting factor to Export Ability with 0.05 weighting factor. The best techniques identified in the MCA are now being tested for performance and fish friendliness. The first test results which are very relevant for future application will be presented, also in conjunction with economic parameters. In the presentation, the process of identifying an selection the Best Available Technique will be outlined. The overview and ranking of techniques will be presented, with considerations why a technique is in more or less extend suitable for application in Ultra Low Head Tidal- and River Power systems. Overall, the paper and presentation will provide a clear overview and targeted- and quantitatively tested selection of Ultra Low Head Tidal and Delta River Power techniques.