Poster: Sustainable ports development concept as adaptive, environmental and socio-economic growth

Cor Schipper

Tuesday 30 june 2015

17:25 - 17:30h at Asia (level 0)

Themes: (T) Special session, (ST) Deltas from multiple pressures to integrated solutions, Poster pitches

Parallel session: 7C. Special session: Deltas - from multiple pressures to integrated solutions.

The concept of sustainable port infrastructure is central to sustainable green growth strategies developed, because decisions made within such a framework are long-lasting, more adaptive and resilient to change, environmental friendly, and more cost effective. In the design of ‘Green Ports’ it helps to mitigate sea level rise and increased storminess caused by climate change. Increasing demand on space in delta areas, combined with external threats such as climate change, accelerated sea level rise and subsidence, requires multi-functional approaches in water management. This requires a new way of managing, and specific knowledge and expertise in the field of eco-engineering. The way in which ports are managed has changed over the years when environmental criteria became an intrinsic part of operations and growth. We discuss some dedicated projects for specific port development and related projects and application of sustainable ports. To identify the Green Port concept a study of knowledge is made of operations in the world wide ports. We present the multi-disciplinary approach and a record of accomplishments in this field

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