About us

Rijkswaterstaat is the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, responsible for the Dutch main road network, main waterway network and main water systems. Rijkswaterstaat facilitates smooth and safe flow of traffic, keeps the national water system safe, clean, user-friendly and protects the Netherlands against flooding.

Rijkswaterstaat developed a clear international vision and strategy. This strategy is updated every 2 years. Rijkswaterstaat cooperates with its neighbouring countries and the European Union. Furthermore, there are close ties with countries outside Europe such as The United States and China.

Rijkswaterstaat manages:
• 90.184 km² of surface water
• 35 kilometres of dunes
• 214 kilometres of dykes and dams
• 2.966 kilometres of banks
• 10 major dam
• Afsluitdijk and Houtribdijk dykes
• 4 major storm surge barriers