Dr. Eric Adams

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
United States

Senior Research Engineer with MIT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Director of the department's Master of Engineering Program.

Eric Adams' interests include environmental fluid mechanics, physical and mathematical modeling of pollutant transport and mixing, and the design and environmental evaluation of effluent disposal systems. His recent research includes application of multi-phase plumes to the transport and containment of deep sea oil spills. He served on a 2005 NAS panel studying the efficacy and effects of oil spill dispersants, and is currently a member of an API research team evaluating models of subsurface dispersant injection. Dr. Adams holds degrees in hydrodynamics from MIT (Ph.D., 1975), civil engineering from MIT (S.M., 1972) and engineering from Harvey Mudd College (B.S., 1970).