Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics in Compound Channel with Different Slope Angles of Main Channel

Nairu Wang, Yang Xiao

Friday 3 july 2015

8:00 - 9:00h

Themes: (T) Special session

Parallel session: Miscalleneous

In the compound channel, the slope angle of the main channel has a significant effect on the flow structure in the junction region between the main channel and flood plain. In this paper, the characteristics of compound channel flow with the 45┬░and 90┬░slope angel was measured by means of the Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry(ADV).The results show that (1) For the same water depth, the bulge of the longitudinal velocity isolines becomes higher when the slop angel of main channel increases. That means the more low-velocity fluid was entrained into the main channel; (2) a pair of counter longitudinal vortices is recognized in the junction region for different slop angels of the main channel. The intensity of the longitudinal vortices trends to increase with the increasing slop angel of the main channel.